About the South West Master/slave Contest and Weekend


We have fashioned the Southwest Master/slave Contest Weekend after the old school Run format.  This is not the "traditional" Leather "conference" held in a hotel with the whole conference vibe.  Instead, we have gone back to some of the contest roots by using more of the old "run" format.  There will not be a huge block of presenters and classes and tight schedules which will leave more time for gathering as a tribe, hanging together, camaraderie, socializing, sharing experiences, and having fun (perhaps even debaucherous fun).  There will be some group meals, panel and round table discussions, play party, cigars, alcohol (and non-smoking and alcohol free options) and bootblacking, entertainment, and a focus of M/s Leather Community and FUN!


The Southwest Master/slave Contest celebrates the Master and slave and Owner property dynamic and is a positive outreach effort to the community at large to educate and build upon healthy Master and slave relationships.


The Southwest Master and slave titles are not about a particular “look,” dress, body type, gender, or sexual orientation and there is no required set of protocols that the winners are expected to follow. The Southwest Master and slave represent the community with integrity and enthusiasm. The contest is for couples who self-identify as Master/slave or Owner/property regardless of age, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

The Southwest Master/slave contest is a feeder contest for the International Master/slave contest held at South Plains Leatherfest in Dallas, Texas. Winners of the Southwest Master/slave contest will enter the International Master/slave contest representing the Southwest region in early spring of the following year.


The growth of Master/slave communities at local levels in the Southwest region prompted the introduction of State Master/slave Feeder Contests in 2014. Some states in the region have established M/s contests and some states have producers who are currently in the planning stages. Contestant pairs from states with active Master/slave feeder contests must compete and win that feeder contest to compete in the Southwest Master/slave contest.  If a state does not have a state-level feeder contestant pairs can apply to enter the Southwest Master/slave contest directly.

Arizona – Open to all applicants for SW Ms

Colorado – State Feeder Contest

Southern California – Open to all applicants for SW Ms

Hawaii – Open to all applicants for SW Ms

Nevada (South of Reno) - Open to all applicants for SW Ms

New Mexico - Open to all applicants for SW Ms

Oklahoma - Open to all applicants for SW Ms

Texas – State Feeder Contest

Utah - Open to all applicants for SW Ms


Click here for the Guidelines for submitting a proposal to form a state contest for the Southwest Region.

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