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Sir DaddyDaun

Keynote Speaker 

Sir DaddyDaun began Her leather journey in the early 90’s when She followed Her interest in service. Since then, She has served Her communities as a presenter, Den Daddy, mentor, tally Master, stage manager, volunteer, judge, keynote speaker, board member, titleholder and Prince XXXVIII (38) of the Imperial Sovereign Rose Court. She is proud to be Northwest Master 2016, International Master 2017/2021, and a staff member for Northwest Leather Celebration and South Plains Leatherfest. Sir DaddyDaun and Her slave were awarded the 2019 MAsT International Presenter of the Year Award.  When not presenting or relaxing with Her grandson, She can be found solving the world’s problems behind the wheel of Her semi truck and, on days off, settling into Her new home in Colorado.



In the mystical lands of Southwest England, the ethereal being known as Echo emerged into existence, guided by the whims of destiny. A cosmic dance led her to the enchanting realms of Colorado in 2014, where she dwells with her Master, Beast, cherished wife Liv, and their crotch goblins. A being of fluid identity, she embraces the essence of both she and they, traversing realms unseen. Within her soul, she holds the keys to diverse worlds as a pansexual, Leatherwoman, and devoted steward, weaving the tapestries of minds with a touch of magic. Her heart beats in harmony with the rhythms of mindset, relationships, and the alchemy of communication, all while delving into the depths of sociocultural lore. Echo's luminous spirit ascended to new heights when she graced the mantle of the 2022 International slave, a chapter she cherishes as a gem in the crown of her existence. Thus, her fervor kindles a flame to guide others towards their own transformative odyssey through the noble realm of Titles, a legacy she fiercely upholds.

Master Asriel Rose

Severed Ties: M/s and Death

From the heart of Colorado comes Master Asriel Rose, Owner and Widower of the steampunk manticore slave-girl bootblack moggy rose.

Master Asriel Rose, acitve in the Colorado Community since 2006, as a self-identified sadist, hacker, volunteer, privacy advocate, brain-damaged,neuro atypical, Master, and Leatherman, he embodies a rich and vibrant tapestry of identities and passions.

In 2022 he had the distinction and honor to hold the title Colorado Master and served by his partner 2022 Colorado slave moggy rose. 

In loving memory of his slave moggy rose, Master Asriel remains resolute and steadfast in his journey to connect and engage with many diverse communities that span the spectrum of alternative lifestyles. His adventure is marked by an ironclad commitment to helping others build their place, explore different identities and dynamics and find acceptance. Through his continued efforts he works to honour the legacy of His cherished partner, and seeks to inspire others to seek a life that leaves such a mark.

Doc Latto

Black Leather History In the Scene

Doc Latto is a cis-gendered heterosexual biracial leatherwoman. Described as being the John Waters of kink, and the Divine of Leather. One of the founding members of Onyx Pearls of the Rocky Mountains, I am always striving to make my community better. Giving a voice and platform to those in the community who need it. A student first and a storyteller second, I'm always looking for an opportunity to learn from one and teach another.

Marilyn and Rio

Metamorphosis: Unlearning Sabotaging Behaviors 

Marilyn and Rio serve as the 2023 Northwest Master and slave, and are long-time activists in the San Francisco Bay Area Leather and M/s communities. Marilyn is a Mistress, femme sadist, and a control freak with an intense bloodlust who likes to play very hard. Rio is Marilyn’s collared slave, a butch leatherdyke and masochist obsessed with service. Together and separately they have been judges, educators, tally masters, MC’s, and vocalists at events across the country, including Ms. San Francisco Leather, SF Bootblack, NorthWest Leather Celebration, SouthEast LeatherFest, SouthWest Leather Conference, International Ms Leather/Ms BootBlack, the Folsom Street Fair, Leather Leadership Conference, and more. Their interactive presentations cover a wide variety of leather, M/s, D/s, and BDSM topics. Marilyn won the Jim Remer Community Volunteer Award in 2016, given by the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance, for her work in the community, and Rio was Ms. San Francisco Sober Leather in 2016. Rio was also elected the 2015 female Leather Marshall at the San Francisco Pride Parade. They’ve both served as officers in their home club, the Exiles, for many years. They often teach, both online and in person, and are active in the San Francisco MAsT chapter, where Marilyn is the Director. Outside of the leather community, Marilyn is a computer professional with two adult gender-variant children, a member of the San Mateo County LGBTQ+ Commission, and a Trustee at her synagogue. Rio is a career bookseller, a published author, and an award-winning painter. They laugh and flirt every day.

Madonna Rose

Livin' on the Slash: Being a switch in an either/or world

Madonna Rosa is a switchy witchy bisexual Chicana from Denver. As a former disability attorney, community mediator & advocate, she has been untangling the roots of systemic trauma to create meaningful change professionally for over 20 years. With a foundation of compassionate understanding, she delves into topics like consent, polyamory & sacred kink through a trauma-informed lens. Her classes are where geeky sincerity is sexy and vulnerability becomes a source of strength and collective healing.  She has taught for other events and groups such as GoDS, Thunder in the Mountains, the Bisexual Organizing Project, Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, Puppies in the Mountains, and Poly Living. As a consultant, she works on reducing the stigma the community encounters when accessing such as justice or mental health care. You can find her on all the major social media sites as @SharpSweetBella.

Dr Payne and Kitten Payne (House of Payne)

Drop, Drop Until You Rock

Dr. Payne and Kitten Payne have been married over 36 years, and they bring a wealth of TPE experience to the Community.  Having been divided until the Collar, the House has thrived before, during, and after long-term Poly dynamics, and loves to share the nuances of their journey with kinksters at large. The House specializes in Mental Health issues and also speaks about the core values of BDSM at every experience level.  The House of Payne began in Los Angeles, then NYC and Dallas, finally calling Colorado Springs home.

Sir Quill and His Mercy

Letting Worlds Collide: Integrating Lessons of Kink Beyond The Scene

Sir Quill and His Mercy have over 35 years combined experience as educators in higher education and the outdoor industry respectively, specializing in cultural & gender studies, leadership development, and risk management. Sir Quill is a polyamorous Dom and academic; Mercy is a polyamorous pandemisexual switch. Together, they explore the intellectual, emotional, and practical aspects of kink and transformational authority exchange, while challenging people to understand how their identities and power are connected to their vulnerabilities

Jack D'Up and Marsha Mellow

Friday Night Leather Bar Meet and Greet Hosts

Jack D'Up and Marsha Mellow are the hosts of the Leather Bar Meet and Greet.  They will be welcoming attendees, stirring up shenanigans, being a bit naughty and will take the stage to kick off the weekend.

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