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9:00 AM - 10:30 AM Saturday



M/s Contest - Judges Interview

Class - Tent A   


Metamorphosis: Unlearning Sabotaging Behaviors - Marilyn and Rio

Hierarchical relationships require behaviors that support consensual inequality. This goes against how many of us were raised. Modern Western society teaches us to value egalitarian relationships, although the relationship models many of us are familiar with do not place a premium on the honest and open communication needed to support these relationships. 

In this class we’ll examine the types of attitudes and behaviors that can get in the way of developing and nurturing our hierarchical relationships. We’ll talk about how important language is in expressing the power dynamics we want to have, and how to unlearn the patterns of behavior that work against us. 

The class will include lecture, audience participation and small group exercises. The goal is to leave you with practical strategies for improving communication and behaviors to improve alignment in your relationships. 

Class - Tent B 

DROP, DROP, TILL YOU ROCK - Dr Payne and Kitten Payne

What is Drop? Simply put, Drop is the vacuum of adrenaline's retreat. Learn the science of all those kittywampus emotions you feel at the end of a scene (subdrop; topdrop), or at the end of an event (ConDrop; Project Drop). We're not the first people to suffer after our passions, so let's share some tried-and-true solutions.


11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Saturday

DungeonSW MAsT Meeting

Class - Tent A

Severed Ties:  M/s and Death - Master Asriel Rose 
For many people M/s is a lifelong commitment and journey. Often negotiations cover everything from protocol and ritual to body mod and what consent looks like between the individuals involved. One often overlooked aspect of life though is one of the more crucial aspects of life. Death. This class aims to help those from all walks of life start some personal discussions both with themselves and with those that they care for. Delving into legal, emotional, and psychological dimensions, this class offers practical tools to help navigate the complexities of end of life negotiations and the grieving process in Master/slave relationships. Whether are an experienced Master/slave couple with 20 years behind you or if you are just starting out come join us in fostering care, understanding, and building supportive resources. 

Class - Tent B

Black Leather History in the scene - Doc Latto

Leather has a large vast history from the military, to biker clubs, and all the misfits and outcasts that didn't fit into societal norms. But what about the outcast of the outcast? Those whose stories are often overlooked and untold. In this presentation, we'll explore the stories, origins, and badasses that shaped our community. Let's explore the people and organizations that put the Black in leather.

2:30 PM - 4:00 PM Saturday



M/s Contest - Class Presentation

Class - Tent A

Livin' on the Slash: Being a switch in an either/or world - Madonna Rosa

Switching, or at least the experience of being on both sides of the slash, has been a vital part of how we train our community and pass down knowledge. So why are so many of the resources, classes, and clubs for those who identify as either one or the other? This facilitated conversation is primarily for switches (and those who love them) who want to connect with others who “get it”, including brats who often are told they’re “topping from the bottom”. We’ll trade stories and strategies for the challenges and blessings of living on the slash between Master and slave, Dominant and submissive, and all the other "Upper and lower case" kinks. Join us for this lively and empowering discussion about switches, a celebration of the versatility and range we bring to the Leather scene.

Class - Tent B

Letting Worlds Collide: Integrating Lessons of Kink Beyond The Scene - Sir Quill and His Mercy

Often times, due to valid reasons of safety and anonymity, we compartmentalize our kink and vanilla spaces, keeping them separate as a means to protect and maintain both worlds. However, transformative power dynamics and kink can transcend the boundaries of our bedrooms, dungeons, and hotel rooms, enriching and elevating our everyday lives. Weekend scenes and kink conferences can become a launching point for deeper transformation, rather than just an “escape.” Our diverse and unique kink practices can empower and transform us, both within and beyond our personal kink spaces. How do we best integrate these lessons of self discovery and personal efficacy into all the spaces we occupy? In this presentation, we will discuss authority exchange and kink as an intentional vehicle for exploration of our own vulnerabilities and strengths, teaching us more successful and rewarding ways to dwell in our authenticity

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