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9:00 AM - 10:30 AM Saturday
Class - Tent A   
Integrating Protocols & Rituals Into Your Power Exchange Relationship

Master Bear
Whether you crave low protocol, high protocol or something in between in your lifestyle dynamic, every Power Exchange relationship uses some degree of protocols and rituals throughout the day-to-day interaction between and dominant and submissive.  In this workshop we are going to explore what Protocols and Rituals are, why they are important and how they can be used to enrich your own Power Exchange dynamic.

Class - Tent B 

I’m Quirky and I Know It:  Neurodiversity within M/s Dynamics

Master Penguin and slave Ginna 

Being neurodivergent encompasses many areas of life.  It can cause challenges with learning styles, perceptions in the world, and complicate mental health challenges.  In this presentation, we will discuss how we have used protocols and rituals to build on our strengths and allow our dynamic to be setup for success while allowing ourselves to thrive and grow.  We also discuss ideas to allow you to lean into your dynamic while navigating the challenges of the world while being neurodivergent.


11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Saturday
Class - Tent A

Disabled Deviance

Mx Dizzy
A huge (and growing) portion of the world and, therefore, the kink community, are disabled.
Why don
't we talk about it more?! In this class, Mx. Dizzy talks about finding your disabled
deviance through exploration a
nd introspection in kink. Learn how kink can play an incredibly
important role in empowering someone who lives with disability. Kink is 100% customizable
and adaptable! It can be used by those with disabilities as a form of pain management, a social
outlet, a confidence booster, a method to explore and control the positive and negative
sensations that they can and do experience, give them a sense of autonomy, and more! This class
is absolutely a great resource for anyone, but especially if you have a disability, love someone
with a disability, or are a leader in a community (where, as we said, statistics say about 25% of
your potential members are disabled) this class can help you learn from someone who has been
working with their own disability and kinks since 2015.

Class - Tent B

Practicing Humility in an M/s Dynamic 

Master Michael and Slave Rebekah 
Humility is one of most important things both a Master and slave need to understand and practice throughout the course of their own journey within this lifestyle. This class will focus on this subject from both sides of the slash as we talk about discovery, competence, and qualities that bring humility to each one of us. Please join us for this enlightening class on one of the best things you can do to further strengthen both yourself and your dynamic. 

DungeonSW MAsT Meeting

2:30 PM - 4:00 PM Saturday
Class - Tent A

How to talk to your Autistic Submissive

Lord Allen
By and large many participants in the kink and BDSM scene fall anywhere in the autism spectrum. This is especially true for those who are submissive and on the right side of the slash,
which often means that negotiating and sustaining a dynamic with an autistic submissive
manifests very differently than what is illustrated in fantasy. In this class, Allen guides attendees
through negotiations and setting up dynamic relationships for success with autistic submissives.
Topics addressed will include comfort and care, implementing direct communication, and
providing support through nonverbal and socially anxious periods. While this class may be most
beneficial to those who are autistic and/or are in dynamics with autistic people, anyone with an
interest is strongly welcomed and encouraged to attend!

Class - Tent B

Up in Smoke, Cigar service and play 

Master Beast  

Cigars have a long history in the Leather world, but many are just discovering the connection that can be built through the fellowship of the leaf, or how incredibly hot it can be to add cigar service to your high protocol play. Here, Beast (he/him) will lead you through a brief primer on cigars including a little history, understanding various types and characteristics, selection, and storage. The heart of the class will be focused on cigar service, including the various tools and accoutrement involved in cigar smoking and their proper use. We will cover preparing a cigar, cutting, lighting and presenting. as well as some of the more erotic practices common to cigar service in the Leather and BDSM world. We will end on a discussion of cigar play and ways to use various parts of the cigar in a scene. Where possible, this class will include demo and class participation. Attendees are not required to bring anything but are welcome to if they would like. 

While this is not a "class" the kind folx from the Kinky Tavern are sponsoring and providing a "Sensory Tent" for the event.  Here is a description: 

The Kinky Tavern, hosted by three neurospicy individuals who are passionate about accessibility in kink spaces, is delighted to be sponsoring Southwest Master/slave sensory tent for 2023! You might be asking, “What is a sensory tent?” or “How does it help?” Those who experience sensory overload for any number of reasons, of which there are countless, can often find themselves overwhelmed and anxious when interacting in a public space, a crowd, or just a rowdy place such as at a convention. Cons are busy! They're full of energy and noisy and so much fun! But, because of this, someone who is sensitive to sensory overload may be very uncomfortable after a little while in such an intense space. In order to counteract these effects and to help people have a more comfortable and fun time, SWMS 2023 is offering a sensory tent! A sensory room or tent is basically just a space that is a little slice of cozy calm in the midst of the captivating chaos. It can allow for someone who is maybe feeling a little overwhelmed and needs a break so that they can continue, who may have had to leave the convention otherwise to take a break, listen to music, listen to nothingness, close their eyes, scroll their phone, watch a projector lightshow, play with fidgets, cuddle up with stuffies, and relax, knowing that once they feel better, they can rejoin the fun! The Kinky Tavern’s tent will be providing headphones which can be checked out, fidget toys, blankets, stuffies, pillows, and a light show projector/speaker combo to help whoever might need just a little comfy cozy time.






Give us your feedback and help us provide ASL where it is most needed.

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