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Volunteers Make the world go around and events to be successful. 

If you would like to volunteer, please complete the volunteer application.

Thank you.  We have closed our Volunteer Applications and our Bootblack Applications

because we have filled our needs for this year's event.

Meet our Administrative team of section coordinators:


Ms Alexxa - Registration Coordinator

Master Salty Logistics and On-site Event Coordinator

Linda  Volunteer Coordinator

Lacey  Travel Coordinator and Presenter/Judge Liasson

Heather Silent Auction and Food Truck Coordinator

Gore-Ka - Bootblack Coordinator


Gaire - Social Media Coordinator

Jarl Hrolfr - Transportation Coordinator

slave bliss and slave kelly - Contest Logistics Coordinators

Anthony Broken Glass Photography - Official Event Photographer

Jamie and Jordana - Providing ASL for portions of the Event

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