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Volunteers Make the world go around and events to be successful.  If you would like to volunteer, please complete the volunteer application.




A special thank you to Master David, International Master 2019 for his help and support with creating the website.


Ms Alexxa - Volunteer Coordinator and Run Pin designer

Gore-Ka - Bootblack Coordinator


Gaire - Social Media Coordinator

Jarl Hrolfr - Transportation and Food Truck Coordinator


Jennifer and Jamie - Providing ASL for portions of the Event




Official 2023 Event Photographer:
Anthony from Broken Glass Photography


Okay, let’s try this. I am 54 years old. I have an awesome as HELL 11-year-old son who I’m continually blown away by. I live in Manitou Springs, CO. I’m a professional photographer who makes very little money, so I am truly at one with the artistic universe. I take portraits, I take weddings, I take kink. My biggest influence was the GOAT Portrait shooter Helmut Newton. I started getting into photography as a kid reading the big book of Pulitzer Prize-winning photographs. I learned more about photography in burlesque shows than anywhere else and there isn't a time where I don't obsess over something or other but it's cool!

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