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About the SW M/s Title Holder Travel Fund

As Regional Representatives, the Title Holders have a large region to represent and they are required to attend SputhPlains Leather Fest in Dallas and compete in the International Master/slave contest.  This all costs money to be able to represent the region and the title.

The money for the travel fund comes from donations.  There is a silent auction held during the Southwest M/s Contest and Leather Run Weekend.  100% of the money raised in the silent auction goes into the travel fund.  Additional money comes from other donations in the form of cash, airline miles donated and other help toward their expenses to attend various events and the International.

Title holders are not allowed to use any of the travel fund for personal gain beyond covering travel expenses to events, and contests.  SWMsC and the Producers do not withhold any of these funds for the event or personal gain.  Every dollar goes to the travel fund for the current year title holders.

We have provided a place here to make donations directly to the travel fund, and there is an opportunity to make a donation to the travel fund on the event registration page.  Your generosity helps our Regional Title Holders to get out and represent.  Thank you!
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