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2024 M/s Contestants

Master Castle (He/Him) began his path in authority transfer dynamics in 2008. Castle is a pansexual, polyamorous Master, caregiver, pup handler, educator, engineer, and digital archivist. Master Castle has a passion for putting his back into helping his community and can often be found moving dungeon furniture or fixing tech issues at events. He has been with his slave, Slave Chy for nearly ten years, and they have been married for seven.     Slave Chy (She/They) was born and raised in Pueblo CO. She is a Bisexual, polyamorous, evolving slave. Who joined the her local community in 2014. Slave Chy is a slave, little, pup, artist, photographer, educator, chef, and gamer. Who is Passionate about teaching, relationship education, and psychology.  She is a founding member and vice president of Onyx Pearls Rocky Mountain. During their shared years in the community, they've run several classes and groups while working diligently to help bring alternative lifestyle education to smaller communities. As well as helping to bridge the gap between the previous and next generations. By working as inter generational advocates. They are the 2023 Colorado Master/slave title holders and aim to spread education and awareness about authority transfer dynamics with in the next generation. 

2024 M/s Contest Judges

Beast, International Master 2022, Southwest Master 2021, Colorado Master 2019-2020-2021


BEAST - A Gentleman and a Beast, an immigrant and Indigenous, Beast (He/Him) is full of surprises. He’s a Lakota and German, pansexual, polyamorous Leatherman, a Master, puppy, ritual piercer, rigger, pyromancer, biker, bodybuilder, musician, storyteller and Cigar Daddy. Beast and His slave echo are honored to serve as International Master and slave 2022. Together with their partner Liv, they are raising 3 children in beautiful Colorado

slave boydrake, International slave 2024, Southwest slave 2023


slave boydrake is your 2024 International slave and 2023 Southwest slave who is a Transgender queer man and also identifies as a middle. In his vanilla life, boydrake is a supervisor librarian for one of the many public library branches in Bakersfield, California.  In his free time he enjoys gaming (both console and tabletop), investigating spooky places for the paranormal, traveling around with his Master, and loving on his two furkids: a basset-pit mix dog and a long-haired calico cat. slave boydrake has taught alongside his Master at numerous places both in person and virtually about various topics within the Ms dynamic. 

slave Charlie Doll (He/It/Xe), Rocky Mountain Person of Leather 2022-2024


Since 2017, Charlie has been an active member of the Salt Lake City Leather community and proudly holds the title of Rocky Mountain Person of Leather for 2022-2024. Identifying as a leatherboi/girl slave, Charlie is a sex worker and BDSM educator with a diverse range of interests, from being a Bimbo to blood play. Xe are a sadomasochistic switch who is enthralled with edgeplay. One of Charlie’s passions is fostering inclusive spaces and facilitating important conversations, even if they're a bit challenging. Charlie founded Bimbos of Utah, designed the Bimbo +variants pride flag as well as the genderqueer boys and girls of Leather Pride flag +variants, and runs Utah Leaf and Leather. He's also affiliated with groups like PLAID, Utah Ageplay Scouts troup 136. and the BDSM Educational Center. If you're curious, check out the Utah Doll House – a Leather space and Dungeon that it owns and operates with its polyamorous family.

Master David, International Master 2019/2021, Southwest Master 2018, Southern California Master 2017


Master David is the proud Master of His long-time slave, brynn. He is a Leatherman, a sadist, a mentor, and an educator. aster David is the founder of the Bar Card Project, an organization that exists to gather, catalog, and display bar cards from all areas of the leather, kink, BDSM, and LGBTQIA+ communities.

Along with His slave, Master David is the co-owner and producer of the FLAME Conference. He is a founding co-head of House of Dark Shadows, a Power Exchange focused, multi-ethnic, and pansexual Leather House. Master David was honored to be the 2017 Southern California Master, the 2018 Southwest Master, and the 2019/2021 International Master. He is the current MAsT International Regional Representative for the Southwest Region.  He enjoys using the platform these titles have provided him to travel and present Internationally on a variety of topics he is passionate about, and to meet new people. In His free time, Master David enjoys auto racing and football. To learn more about him go to

slavegirl j, Head Judge, International slave 2017/2021, Northwest slave 2016.


slavegirl j was raised in the Leather community by queer, kinky, POC parents which cultivated a deep connection to service.  she expresses this by serving at her Master, Sir DaddyDaun's, side as Northwest slave 2016 and International slave 2017/2021, Membership Director for MAsT International, Judge Coordinator for the International Master/slave contest at South Plains Leatherfest, as well as Ms Rhonda's assistant for Northwest Leather Celebration. girl j is also passionate about sharing how she navigates serving her Master who is both an elder of the community and has Multiple Sclerosis. Together, T/they were awarded the 2019 MAsT International Presenter of the Year Award.  When not presenting or being volun-told for something, slavegirl j can be found enjoying her new home in Colorado, attending school, and handcrafting her days away with T/their cat Spirit.




TC began his journey in 1987 and has never looked back. He was honored to receive his Masters Cover in December 2015. He is the head of House Cyclone that he started in 2011. His house symbol is a fire scorpion holding a purple rose. A group of scorpions is a cyclone, which is the origin of his house’s name. 

Currently, TC is a board member of MAsT-DFW, the Marketing Chair for NLA-Dallas and a Mentor for the Dallas Mentors program. In 2013, he Mr. Great Plains Olympus Leather. He enjoys teaching and

has had the opportunity at WILL, Beyond Vanilla, other area events and for NLA-Dallas. He has served as treasurer, tallymaster and Judge for various contests. In 2016 TC and his slave audra became new owners of the Great Plains Olympus Contest. He enjoys visiting groups to talk and teach as well as share his passion of our community by connecting with new people.

Master Todd, Southwest Master  2013


Proudly hailing from Texas, Master Todd (he/him) has been active in the BDSM community since 2004 and discovered Leather along the way. Growing up in an environment that made him constantly aware that his proclivities are different, he is a fan of sharp pointy things and medical play. A self-described relationship nihilist who is always open to possibility, his latest incarnation finds him in service to his Master, Miss Velvet Steele. He is honored to have served as the 2013 Southwest Master and is a past Regional Director for the Southwest Region of MAsT International.


2024 M/s Contest Staff

deo - 2024 Judges slave

deo (she/they) has been active in the lifestyle for the last five years, and was independently and digitally involved for some time prior.  Interested in service, community, and learning, deo is an active volunteer in the Voodoo Leatherworks space and excitedly exploring new aspects of Power Exchange with her partner after many years apart.

Sir Alice -  2024 M/s Contest Coordinator

Sir Alice is a poly, queer, sadistic Leather woman from Dallas, Texas. She has been active in the Dallas community since 2016. 

Alice currently holds the education title, Ms. Route 66 Leather, 2022. Her additional community involvement includes former co-owner of Smoke and Mirrors DFW 2018-2021; Leader of the Underground Cigar Social since 2017; served a member of the council of DFW Dungeon 2019-2020.  Member of the NLA Dallas Executive Committee since 2019--2023; Beyond Vanilla committee member since 2019; Volunteer Coordinator Oklahoma Leather Fest 2019; Event Coordinator Oklahoma Leather Fest 2021. Presenter at both Beyond Vanilla 2021 and Oklahoma Leather Fest 2021, Vision 2023, SPLF 2023. Den Daddy for Texas Power Exchange 2021-22 and International Woman of Drummer 2022.Emcee for Colorado Leather Fest 2022. 

A graduate of the Dallas Mentors Program in 2018; Alice has done year and a day one-on one mentoring with members of her local Leather/BDSM community since 2020.

Master Retro Bella - 2024 Talley Master

Master Retro Bella is a Latina High Femme Leather Woman from Bakersfield, California. Her pronouns are She/Her/Hers. She is the first woman to earn the title of  Southwest Master 2023 and currently serves as the first Latina to hold the title of International Master 2024. Master Retro Bella is the President of the valley’s 1st girls of Leather chapter, San Joaquin Girls of Leather. She also created the extremely successful workshop series, 'Women Educators in the Valley.' She is passionate about Latinx/ne representation in M/s and Leather spaces. This passion fueled her to create the Latine Leather pride flag and become the founder of Latinos in Leather. Recognized as one of the Onyx pearls' 'Young 8,' she carries the pearl name Amara Pearl. Master Retro Bella is also the Co-head of the Leather house, House Of Dark Shadows. Together with her slave boydrake, your 2024 International slave, they've taught for multiple groups and conferences on both coasts, in the Rocky Mountain region, and internationally.

Preacher Patrick - 2024 Talley Master

Preacher has been involved with the BDSM lifestyle for nearly 9 years.  Over these years, he has felt the draw toward Leather and the calling of the path to Mastery.  Preacher is a cigar enthusiast, a heavy Top, a Daddy, and a gifted teacher (which is his deepest joy).  Yes, he actually WAS a preacher a long time ago, but his spiritiuality has expanded quite a bit since those days!  Preacher never turns away good food, fine drink, and the company of good folx

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