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If you are a past SW Master or slave Title Holder, a current year Regional M/s Title Holder, the current International M/s Title Holder, or one of the 5 regional M/s Contest Producers and wish to attend,  please contact us at before registering.

On line registration is closed. 
There will be full weekend and Saturday only tickets available at the door.
$119 for the weekend or $69 for Saturday only.

Volunteer Applications Closed

Volunteers make the world go around and help events to be successful.  If you would like to volunteer, click the box below and complete the volunteer application.

Bootblack Applications Closed

Bootblacks are the heat of any Leather Event and we love our bootblacks.  If you would like to bootblack at the event, please complete the bootblack application and our bootblack coordinator will be in touch.

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